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Meet the artist that is been called 50 Naira and find out why….

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At an event the  hypeman/host for the show announced Ladies and Gentlemen we call on 50 naira to come perform on stage” and the screaming got our attention with his stage name 😂 so we had a chat with him.

What’s your real name; Andre Derry

Why did you call yourself 50 naira; actually i dont call myself that it was actually back in secondary school when i was representing my school in normal interschool competitions and stuff i normally play popular 50 cent songs and most of the times i always want to perform G unit songs so thats when they started calling me 50 50 and stuff and thats how the name came about but what i really wanted to answer is King Dre thats what i gave to myself but somehow its like 50 naira thing is just taking me where i actually want to get to

What kind of music do you do; I do Hiphop RAp

Port Harcourt audience how have they been appreciating music; When i started i was going too hard so i had to put my ears to the ground like i started listening to artist in the likes of rugged man and stuff and i tried to see how i can switch the game a little because even 50 cent in one of his songs ‘In Da club’ he said Lord bank said go ahead and switch your style if they hate let them hate and watch the money pile up’ so i had to sit back a little and check the market how it is and i came up with another style

How long have you been in the industry; 11 years and counting

Any Big plans; The big plan is i am in the maket right now i am for sale so if you think i am worth it just buy me.

Watch his performance

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