Mechanic Chima Ikwunado death: Justice delayed and Justice served

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Mechanic Chima Ikwunado death: Justice delayed and Justice servedfe

Interestingly the Ikoku 5 case is still very much on despite the unnecessary delay of the case, if you have been following up this matter i am very sure your familiar with how Chima Ikwunado was tortured to death by some police officers who are suppose to protect our lives. This story was too painful to hear and bear as it turned the internet upside down and also led to protest in the streets of Port Harcourt

Firstly why was Justice delayed especially with the  offence or is it because it has to do with officials or what do we even say, when Late George Floyd case up online we could see Black lives matter not just in the internet but in the streets cause everyone wanted justice and it didnt take too long for Justice to be served on the case. So why did late Chima’s case take this long for the matter to be handled, its not even about Chima but about the Police in general. For some time now there have been a lot of negative narrative about the Nigerian Police which isn’t nice, too many complains and it keeps re-occurring with nothing been by the government. When one citizen is been attacked and it gets to the internet our keypad energy comes up and the government officials are quick to issue out a statement on every negative incident with no action. This is very sad situation in the country.

Secondly Justice is served, the good news about the Ikoku 5 and the death of Chima Ikwunado justice is gradually been served as the four dismissed Policemen from E-Crack Squad who took part in the torture and subsequent killing of Late Chima Ikwunado and others were remanded in Port Harcourt Prison for their various roles in the crime.

According to reports the Chief Magistrate remanded the police officers (Ayogu Fidelis, Eke Chibuzor, Egbunefu Felix and Rose Georgewill) in the Port Harcourt correctional center ordered that the case shall be transferred to the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice before adjourning  the case to September 18th 2020. The accussed persons are facing seven count charge of conspiracy and murder. Meanwhile lawyer for the Ikoku 4, Princess Lauren said the police did not arraign all those who took part in the torture of the Ikoku traders.

This is sad but we are glad that something is been done about this case and we hope Justice would be served properly.

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