Marvel Movies you should watch to understand infinity war.

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With the release of Infinity war many people will be rushing to the Cinemas to watch it. Some fans have been following up with all the movies released in Marvel Cinematic Universe but those of you that got interested maybe after Black Panther and want to follow up with MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) here is guide to most important movies in MCU that you have to watch and those that are not really important.


This is where it all began, it introduced our second favorite playboy billionaire (don’t ask who is the first) Tony Starks and if you stick around after the credits you will see Nick Fury showing tony starks the avengers initiative.



Incredible Hulk is not important, please don’t get me wrong it was a great movie but it is very forgettable many people are not even aware it is part MCU because the actor who portrayed the hulk was changed and there hasn’t been any sequel till date, so missing the incredible hulk won’t cause any fuss.


Wait Iron man 1 was important but Iron man 2 is not, frankly i love iron man 2 but it not really important for you to understand Infinity War . I have to it give credit it introduced black widow but still not enough.


For you to understand Infinity war you need to watch All Thor movies, Thor introduced us to another realm Asgard and we got a glimpse of Hawkeye and most all we got to see for the first time Loki who is arguably the greatest villain in MCU.



The First Avenger was an epic romantic tale which laid the building for the actual avengers movie and above all it introduced the first infinity stone known as the space stone or Tesseract.

Since the infinity stones are basically the entire point of infinity wars, you don’t want to miss this one.



Obviously, Since infinity war is the third movie in the avengers trilogy, you can’t afford to miss this, besides that, it introduced the second infinity stone “The mind stone aka loki scepter”

also bringing every single heroes in the MCU universe as of then and last but not the least, it introduced Thanos, for the first time ever we saw him. Trust me even if you have watched avengers watch it again before infinity war.


Iron man 3 was a story which involved tony trying to recover from events of Avengers, so you can say it was iron man centered movie so it won’t matter if you miss it.



Like i said earlier you need to watch all Thor movies to understand infinity war, it is not because Thor movies are the best but because of Asgard(Thor’s home world ). Before the avengers started protecting earth, asgard was doing it, man even called them gods despite being aliens and that is why Thor movies are so important. I will have to admit dark world is very thor centered movie but the presence of an infinity stone known as the “reality stone or Aether” just makes it important .


Hey did i forget to mention to understand infinity wars you need to watch every captain america movie. Unlike other movies Winter soldier is not important because it had infinity stones or not, but because of the event that took place, it showed the fall of SHIELD(a paramilitary organisation) and it introduce the winter soldier which will become a very important person in MCU and if you include the post credits it introduced scarlet witch and quick silver, we also saw the mind stone briefly.


This movie was phenomenal, funny , mind blowing, i can’t stress how important this movie is. This movie introduced the fourth infinity stone “The power stone”

it referenced who had the reality stone and introduced to us the wonderful guardians and above all we saw thanos not just a cameo appearance but fully, we learnt who he was, how dangerous the mad titan is, how much of a threat he was outside planet earth. We saw his goals how he tried to get the power stone, his daughters, trust me if you want to understand infinity wars you can’t miss Guardians, Avengers might have introduced thanos but Guardians showed us who he was and revealed more than avengers ever did.



Currently this is the only avengers movie not to focus on Thanos wrath but this does not make it any less important and we saw how powerful an infinity stone could get since it gave life to the artificial intelligent ultron. and we saw the final fate of the mind stone in vision’s head. Despite the events not being the hand work of Thanos, but that didn’t stop him from making an appearance, in the iconic scene when he said “fine, i will do it my self”

hinting the events of infinity war.


One of my favourite MCU movies but that stop me from saying you don’t need to watch this before infinity war, in fact ant man does not appear in Avenger infinity war.


Some say this is not a captain america movie but instead Avengers 2.5, i don’t blame them, this movie was exceptional. This movie introduce two iconic characters Spiderman and  Black panther. The events of civil war is been echoed up till today, we saw the break up of the avengers. Civil war shook all the movies before it and shaped all the movies after it. Seriously you can’t miss civil war.

Doctor Strange(IMPORTANT)


Doctor strange as the name implies focuses on Doctor Stephen Strange, but what makes it so important is two things, it introduced the Doctor and the infinity stone known as the time stone or the eye of agamotto .

Trust me doctor strange plays a very important role in the events of infinity war.




Despite guardian of the galaxy having a lot of reference to Thanos, guardians 2 did not, this story mentioned him but it was nothing we didn’t know  already, it was similar to age of ultron, the team taking different enemy entirely. So i frankly don’t think it is important to watch.

Spider-man: Homecoming(NOT IMPORTANT)

Spiderman homecoming like ant man focuses on the hero and not MCU. Spiderman was already introduced in captain america: civil war so it is not really important to watch it against infinity war.


I said it before and i will repeat my self, all Thor movies are important. Ragnarok is on the same category as civil war, it explains why Thor and hulk were absent  in civil war. The movie it self focuses on Asgard more than any Thor movie but that is not what makes it important. One, we saw the space stone last seen in Avengers, two we Thanos’s gauntlet,

it was a fake but it shows that the Allfather odin was aware of Thanos’s plan and three, we saw Thanos’s ship attack the Asgardians and spoiler alert infinity war starts right there in that moment. So trust me this movie is a must watch.

Black Panther(NOT IMPORTANT)

Black panther might have been a great movie, but like Spider-man: Homecoming there was a big shadow over it’s head and that is Captain America: Civil war. Civil war did it all, it introduced him, showed us how his father died, we saw him take up the mantle to avenge his father and Civil war even introduced Wakanda but black panther as a movie focuses on wakanda and Tchalla but not really the rest of MCU.


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