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Look before you leap; the story of Bisi

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There was a girl called Bisi, she came from a wealthy home, she happens to be the daughter to Mr. And Mrs. Ade. Bisi was an intelligent girl that always competed neck to neck with her classmates,her parents loved her so much as she was their only female child, but distraction from many ways were just the only things trying to weigh her down because of her chronic taste for money and peer influence coming from school(boarding school). When Bisi was going back to school for her final class (S. S. 3) she went along with many provisions.
One day, Bisi was invited for a party that was organized by her friend, she informed her parents about the trip and they allowed her because of the love they had for her, but they never hesitated to tell her “Safe Journey But Look Before You Leap”. She was very happy.
The next day which was the day of the party, they woke up very early and prepared everything since they were traveling to a place far from the school , after the preparations they took their ride and arrived at the venue before the occasion.
Few hours later, the party commenced, they were all dancing, drinking and jubilating. All of a suddenly Bisi saw a boy admiring her and the boy asked her if she could allow him to dance with her and she agreed. After the party Bisi realized that she was drunk but she went to buy drug to subsidize the effect of the drink.
The next morning they went back to school , from that moment Bisi was always with that her friend, though as S. S 3 students they thought they were at the top of the world by changing their behaviours because of some influence. Bisi’s experience at the party made her to have more attention in casual things, and that made her to go to night club in the school, thus hindering her good academic performance, during this period she never turned back to remember her parents advice.
Some months later, Mr. Ade died, when Bisi heard the information she fell on the floor lamenting. The next day she went back home and she was accompanied by her friend. She was at home till her father was buried. A week after the burial she was about to leave for school with her friend and her mother reminded them what the late father usually tell Bisi.
Bisi went back to school with her friend, at this point Bisi turned to a girl that always hunt for men to have sex because of the club influence.
Two weeks later, Bisi was invited for a party outside the state but she went without telling her mother because she knew the mother would not allow her. On the party ground Bisi was called by a man, she went to find out the reason why the man called her, the man asked her out after telling her lies that he had cars, mansions and the rest while he was just a mere gateman. The man took her out to show her the properties and she fell in love with the man and they exchanged contacts.The next day the man called her to come over to the house when the owner of the house was not at home. Few minutes later , Bisi went there and they made love, after the action the man gave Bisi money and she was happy as she went home.
Two weeks later, Bisi discovered that she was pregnant, when she called the man and delivered the message to him the man told her “I Don’t Have Time For Bloody Fools Like You”. She became hopeless and unconscious and she said to herself ” I Didn’t Look Before Leaping”.

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