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Lets Gist: How would you want the Glory Osei matter to be handled

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Someone said Nigerians are not theives but they are only smart and that’s how some of us are looking at Glory Osei right now.

Few months ago Glory Osei the Entrepreneur/International Procurement Expert was called out on social media by an ex employee after she shared a recruitment post. The Ex employee accused her and Muyiwa (stated to be her husband) for employing and sacking staff, not paying complete salaries or not paying at all and many others.

Many people thought it would end there o but no it didn’t seems they have harmed a lot of persons so they came and narrated their different ordeal with Glory Osei and Muyiwa.

After sharing the post she quickly deleted it when she was called out on Twitter, the following day she released a Press release which was later deleted weeks later and now she is back on the net with 185 thread post on Twitter 😐.

In the Thread post she defended herself about her actions with insults and many more. You can follow up and read all her rants on Twitter

Now our question is, if you were given the opportunity to handle or judge this matter, what would be her punishment???

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