Lessons from Phone Photography and how to create good images

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Some of us still feel that using our phones for good photography is not possible and still consider the pro-cameras do justice to a perfect image.

If you know all the tips in phone photography you dont always need the pro-cameras to give you the best images.

Below are some of the tips you need to know in phone photography especially using our smart-phones;

  • Phones are not the same as a camera, true but the limitations are slim.
  • Phone camera dont create amazing photography, people create amazing pictures
  • Photography is a blend of creativity and skill.
  • Light accounts for 70% of your shots, learn to use it and make it work for you, natural light is the best light for photography.
  • Never zoom, go close to your image.
  • Your eyes and the camera lens are not the same.
  • Always use props to tell a story.
  • Phone photography is about the details.
  • Rarely use your phone camera flash.
  • The smartphone camera secret is; understand your camera, timing and patience, composition, empathy and post production (tools).
  • Apps for editing videos on phones are; Filmora Go, Kine master, Quik and Imovie.
  • Apps for Picture editing; the phone camera, phone picture gallery, instagram and snapseed.

We hope this would help out in creating a good photography using your smartphone.


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