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Lenten Reflections: The power and importance of Almsgiving

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You might be wondering why is Almsgiving so important and powerful, well we will break it down starting with a story.

A man bought a car and took it to the priest for blessing, the priest prayed, sprinkled holy water and that was all. The man asked is that all? the priest said, yes i am done… The man said he went to a church and the man said he should bring 10% of the amount he used in buying the car as he speaks his with an envelop containing 10,000 naira and the priest said why dont you use that 10, 000 to buy petrol in your car and that was it……

The thing some people need to understand is that we are giving without cost not Giving with Charge, God cannot be forced to charity he gives spontaneously and so people should give voluntarily. When people are compelled to give, they are not giving out of love but out of fear. When someone gives out of fear we turn him to a hypocrite. The preachers too should note that demanding forcefully is teaching them wrongly and the preachers become shepherds devouring their sheep rather than feeding the sheep.

Also when you Give you imitate God’s kindness and imitating God’s kindness should be our mission. Sometimes we ask ourselves questions like, Do i really have enough to give??? but nobody is too poor not to give and sometimes each one of us need support. Giving is not always money, you can give a smile, counsel, advice, thank you, sorry and any other positive thing, all these are ways of giving.

Giving is giving out of kindness or Love, Giving can yield grace and if you dont give loan to God it becomes difficult to beg something from God. When you give the needy, you are giving loan to God.

Check 1 Corinthians 13 vs 4

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