Legendary Suni signs out of Snazzy Labels

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Legendary Suni signs out of Snazzy Labels

After spending two years of his musical career with Snazzy record label, singer Legendary Suni takes bow and appreciates the management.

He wrote;

On this day, two years ago I and my manager Oti signed our first contract with a label. And since then till now it’s been nothing but rosy for The Vibes Brand!!

Together with a Snazzy Labels we achieved wonders, pulled off herculean projects!! We made the impossible possible!! So far the best two years of my career!! However, even good things come to an end, Today (15th May 2020) concludes our contract as Artiste & Label and with a heavy heart, I’m officially signing out!! Thank You snazzylabels it’s been a beautiful experience ❤🙏🏼😎🚀🚘🚘
The Vibes Brand is officially open to new partnerships and collaborations globally.
Thank You all for your immense support.

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