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#JusticeforChima The released #Ikoku4 share their horrible experience in Police Custody

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While we are still waiting for @Policeng to bring out the body of Late Chima the other released #Ikoku4 share their horrible experience in Police Custody and their revelation would break your heart.

According to one of the young men Victor Ogbonna he said they were driving one way to test the cars and avoid the serious traffic when the Police saw them, they explained they were mechanics but the Police took the money they had on them and arrested them.

While at the Police Custody they told the officers to call the owner of the car but the Police officers refused and tortured them insisting they were criminals. The female Police officer threatened to scatter Chima manhood so he won’t be able to have children anymore if they don’t confess. Due to too much torture one of them agreed to the Police accusation, the Police put charges on them that they were cultist/armed robbers which was all false.

They turned them upside down and kept torturing them which became unbearable for Chima who later died, Victor said two people died before Chima due to torture. When Chima died they asked them to put him inside a trampoline and the officers took him away in their van.

He further said the DPO knew about this whole treatment but was angry with the officers for not allowing them to make calls.

The men are in pain and called some of the officers although it was their nickname and swore that they would suffer for what they did to them.

The question is the Police your friend???

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