#JusticeforChima: If i get any mosquito bite know is the Police

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#JusticeforChima: If i get any mosquito bite know is the Police

It’s almost getting to a week since the death of Late Chima the mechanic who was tortured to death by the Nigeria Police Force came to the net and here is a developing report on the issue.

This incident was made known to the public on the 16th of January by Comrade Phils on Facebook and Twitter and it trended with the hashtag #JusticeforChima

They promised us that in 48 hours the officers responsible would be apprehended and brought in for questioning. It wasn’t up to 48 hours an autopsy was released claiming the Late Chima died of high sugar level.

While the family is in pains about the death of Late Chima, they condemned the report given by the Police and they were denied access to the corpse because of this a protest was done at the deceased environs by his colleagues which was later suspended by the Police because it turned out to be violent.

This Late Chima death made a lot of people to come out and narrate how the Police have treated them badly and it’s so embarrassing and painful to hear their sad complains.

The Governor of Rivers State suspended the protest and warned that they shouldn’t be any protest again and that was the only voice for the family 😢 Late Chima narrated how he was pushed away by the Police on many occasions when he came to visit his son, the old man cried bitterly saying that they all looked up to Late Chima since he lost his job.

The other apprentice who were arrested with Chima are yet to be released, their family members complained of how the Police is demanding for money and they are worried cause the injuries they sustained from the beating are now badly infected and they seriously need treatment.

The man who shared the information about the whole incident said three huge men came looking for him in his home while he was not at home and he suspects is the handwork of the Police. He said, : If i get any mosquito bite know is the Police

Everything about this Chima’ s case is slow and we wonder while the others have not been released, while the killers are still not known, while Chima’s corpse is yet to released and lastly can we trust the Police or can we boldly call the Police our friend 😢

We hope this won’t end with trends and debate in media stations. Let’s not forget what the man said; If i get any mosquito bite know is the Police……

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