#JusticeforChima: Chima Ikwunado was butchered to death; the Police lied

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More details and fresh reports keeps coming on out on the issue of the Late mechanic Chima Ikwunado who was tortured to death by the Nigerian Police.

The shameful thing about the whole information is the Nigerian Police lied and it is very disturbing. Yesterday family members of Late Chima Ikwunado went to identify his body at the mortuary and it was a painful experience.

After seeing his body it was confirmed that Chima did not die of high sugar level as claimed by the Police, his body was butchered from what they saw and his family members could barely recognise him. One of the victims who joined them confirmed it was Chima after seeing the body and matchet cut injuries.

Pathologist of the Rivers State Police Command, Musa Stephen, says no incision or cuts were seen on late Chima Ikwunado to show that a previous autopsy was done on the body. The family said from what they saw there was no need for an autopsy cause it shows that he died of torture. But it was insisted that the process should be completed by doing the autopsy which they said would be ready in 10 days or 2 weeks.

Chima’s father and family members were wailing and in serious tears and have promised to continue fighting for Justice.

Now don’t you think the main criminals are the Police???? Let’s all fight to end Police brutality….

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