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#JusticeforChima: A deep revelation of how Chima died by victim Osaze Friday

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Everyday more reports on how Late Chima the mechanic died keeps coming up, one of the victims Osaze Friday gave a more detailed reports on how he died.

He said;

“While we were test driving the cars we were working on, we ran into a holdup so we decided to follow a convoy to beat the holdup…”

“Getting to mile4 we were shot at by the police, asked to stop and accused of being theives though we showed them our tools from work…”

“We were taken to the station where we were shown our ID, they asked us to throw it away and they put us behind bars telling us say our cup don full”

“Then they started torturing Victor, hitting his legs with a gun, they took Ifeanyi & I to the cell, they used 2×2 hammer, Barton, guns, to hit us…”

“From the beginning the commander had seen us, they tortured us all day till 9;30pm… The only name we remember is Inspector Sam & Bam Bam”

“Chima was beaten seriously and he told them that Victor spoke under duress, we were beaten continuously and mercilessly before taken back to our cells”

“We were there for a week, we heard that they carried Chima out by 11pm. The owner of the car came and they threatened him and asked him to say that the car was stolen which he refused…”

“They had carried Chima and beat him so much that he was crawling back with his bumbum, his leg bone was showing while Victor had defeacated on his Body…”

“They police handcuffed Ifeanyi and tortured him upside down, while he kept pleading with them that he doesn’t even know us…”

“At some point, Chima ran into dirt erratically and we brought him out, calmed him and gave him food. On the 22nd of Dec when it was time to sleep Chima couldn’t do much”

“Chima didn’t know himself anymore or what he was doing, we noticed he had gone “mental”, by 6;00am Chima died, his body was swollen…”

“Inspector Sam asked us to carry Chima to the Hilux and they covered him with a carpet…”

“The commander didn’t know we were 5 because they told him we were just 2. They gave us our phones to make calls so I called my brother, my father and Ikoku and informed them someone was dead.”

Source: Nigeria Info

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