Joke Silva Shares How She Stayed Married To Olu Jacobs For 36 Years

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Actress Joke Silva has in an interview with Sunday Scoop disclosed factors which have contributed to the success of her 36-year-old marriage to veteran actor Olu Jacobs, stressing that the two have been very honest to each other at all times.

The actress who recently showered praises on her husband as he celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday says the blessings of God can also not be overlooked.

“It’s not as if ours is better than anybody else; just that we are in the public eye. However, it is by God’s grace to have a very good friend in the person you marry,” she says.

“And we try our best, as humanly possible, to be honest with each other. This means that when one is upset with each other, one lets the other person know. It is majorly all about friendship; I really don’t know how to articulate it.”

Joke Silva encouraged couples to be patient, honest and respectful towards each other as these virtues help in maintaining a long, healthy relationship.

She said: “I find it very difficult to give people advice because we all have different situations. But something that always works is patience. And as much as possible, try to be honest with each other. However, it is honesty that is not cruel. You have to understand that there is cruel and wicked honesty, and loving honesty as well.

“It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t get angry, but you don’t have to cross the line of getting violent. Violence is not only physical; it can also be emotional. However, at the end of the day, the most important factor is God.

“I am happy that we have weathered our storms over the years in our 36 years of marriage. I am not sure I would have said the same thing I’m saying now 20 years ago. Perhaps, then, I could have asked his people to come and carry him and take him to wherever they wanted.”

My marriage to Olu Jacobs has faced storms – Joke Silva

In December, last year, Joke Silva indicated that the marriage has faced numerous hurdles over the past three decades but their willingness to work things out to overcome their ‘storms’ has brought them this far.

“The journey has been incredible and extremely interesting,” she said. “It has also been one of learning. I don’t think anybody can ever prepare anyone for marriage. I had friends who were married until one partner died or death did them part and well over 40 years we’re each other’s friends. They had their challenges and they weathered the storm. Those were my role models. Knowing full well that there will be storm, I soon realised that my storms were totally different from their own storms. I wasn’t prepared for my own storms.”

Joke Silva intimated that, for a couple to have a happy marriage they ought to live by the vows they have taken at the altar and also learn to share responsibilities in addressing challenges confronting the marriage.

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