Jabi Lake Mall Closure; Do we believe that there is still Coronavirus?

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Jabi Lake Mall Closure; Do we believe that there is still Coronavirus?

It seems Africa especially Nigeria is still doubting the existence of Coronavirus or rather they are not scared of the virus as violation of rules is now our new habit.

Sadly even with the increasing numbers daily we are not following the  necessary precautions. The Jabi Lake Mall in Abuja went against the rule of no event of more than 50 persons and held an event, it happened to  be a Naira Marley concert which all guest were expected to be in their cars without stepping out.  Many of  didn’t see it that way as the guest didn’t follow the organisers arrangement but ended up stepping out and enjoying themselves with no social distancing and most people not putting on their facemask.

Videos were shared online and it clearly showed how people do not take the COVID crisis serious,  firstly the organisers had a great idea of making sure everyone stays in their cars and vibe to Naira Marley who has once faced the court before for breaking down the lockdown rule in Lagos. But they messed everything and got into trouble and this led to the suspension and sealing of Jabi Lake Mall.

From the clips we saw online, we are greatly concerned if this people believe the virus is still with us. The organisers, Naira Marley and his crew broke the interstate travel rule to   come and perform at an event, not considering the consequences and the dangers this might cause to the people.

As usual there has been  serious debate about this matter on the internet, some people stated that the government and  most of the leaders are also part of defaulting orders so you dont expect the people to humble. Most people also feel that since we see more of the number of cases for the virus but dont see the patients then probably there is no coronavirus.

At this point we think the people need sensitization than parties so we can save lives, fight this virus and go back to our normal lives of partying.

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