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Its the Last Sunday of the year and God wants to be part of everything 🙏 Read

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Yes God wants to be part of everything in your life 🙏
Do You Have Big Dreams…?

The next Big Name In Your Field Of Specialisation….
The next Entrepreneur of The Year…
The next Big Engineer, Lawyer, Accountant, Seamstress, Photographer, Nutritionist, Etc.

I am certain no one reading this ever wants to be a mediocre at what he or she is involved in, but do you also know that without God you cannot achieve any of the things you have set out do…No matter how far you go, you will get to a place where you must choose;
Good or Bad… Right Or Wrong…Life or Death…

Please this is a wake up call to make that choice right now!
God wants to be part of every little thing in your life..God is eager to bless you more than you can ever imagine. He wants to be part of your business, that contract, that decision. He wants to teach you many things in that good work He has called you to do

Please don’t postpone your help, don’t postpone salvation…
Remember, God is not a means to an end…Don’t come only when it’s tough…
Jesus Is Calling, Pick The Call… Don’t Compromise…!!!

That’s our Sunday Study for today, see you in 2020 🙏🙌

Theophany Abidde is a law student who has passion to share the love of Christ through her pen. Her desire to know him better is fueled by conferences, retreats and books all which she believes are led by the Holy Spirit.

You can connect with her on @colour_me_courage and

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