Is the power sector ready to step up as they make plans to ban Generator in Nigeria

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This is the question many people have been asking since the news of Generator ban went viral.

Yesterday a bill seeking to ban the importation of generator in the country has passed the first reading in the Senate.
The proposed legislation scaled the first reading after it was introduced to lawmakers present at Wednesday’s plenary in the upper chamber of the National Assembly in Abuja.

A member of the Senate from Niger State, Senator Muhammad Bima, sponsored the bill titled ‘Generating Set (Prohibition/Ban) Bill, 2020.’ The bill which passed its first reading in the senate chamber, reads in part; “ Anybody who imports generating sets; or knowingly sells generating sets shall be guilty of an offence and be liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than ten years.

All persons are hereby directed to stop the use of electricity generating sets which run on diesel/petrol/kerosene of all capacities with immediate effect in the country.
This bill seeks to ban the importation and use of generating sets (generators) in the country and to curb the menace of environmental pollution which leads to potential health hazards it poses to the whole nation.”

The bill however exempted the use of generating sets for essential services which include:
* Medical purposes (hospitals and nursing homes and healthcare facilities).
* Airports.
* Railway stations/services.
* Elevators (lifts).
* Escalators.
* Research Institutions
* Facilities that require 24 hours electric power supply.

It further directed that “approval for exclusion shall, however, be obtained from the Minister in charge of Power, who shall brief the Federal Executive Council quarterly on approvals granted.”

What are your thoughts???

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