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Important advice President Buhari needs to take on Plateau Killings

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We are all sad about the Killing in Plateau state by Herdsmen in Nigeria and President Buhari needs to take note of all these below;

“Between the darkness of Plateau State and the Brookings Report on poverty, the last couple of days should be the biggest jolt for every single Nigerian.”

“Response to Plateau crisis
Intelligence Response Team Special Tactical Squad
Tactical Intelligence Unit
2 Surveillance Helicopters & 5 APCs
3 Police Mobile Force Units
2 Counter Terrorism Cells
Police Intelligence Unit
Add conventional Police
DHQ Special forces & Combat Helo”

What happened in Plateau is tragic & unacceptable. It’s the responsibility of the government (FG & state) to protect lives & property of all Nigerians. No excuses! It’s not enough to issue statements.The govt should bring the culprits/sponsors to justice & compensate the victims. 

These are very important issues and President Buhari needs to take note.

Please note you can help the wounded by donating blood at Jos University Teaching Hospital or Plateau Hospital blood-banks please or call these numbers; 07059473022, 08038907662, 08075391844, 09053872296. They are Distress Call & Situation Reporting Numbers for residents of Plateau State wishing to reach the Police Special Intervention Force and Police Special Investigation Team on the ground in the State.

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