Imam of Peace embarrasses President Buhari and Sowore exposes the government

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The Imam of Peace is seriously going hard on President Buhari and at this point, the only way for this embarrassment to come to an end is President Buhari coming out to address the nation in a live broadcast.

Before the Imam of Peace matter came online Activists and owner of Sahara reporters exposed how the Government plans to re-arrest him and infect him with Coronavirus.


It is important to inform you that we are facing some unusual circumstances, and the days ahead might be very tense and difficult, but we will conquer. Following the revelation by SaharaReporters that the Chief of Staff. Abba Kyari contracted COVID& subsequent revelations about the criminal conducts/negligence that has brought Nigeria to the nadir of this global pandemic, Buhari regime today sent some high powered delegation to the CJ of the Federal High Court of NIGERIA to help procure a judge to grant a detention order against me.

The courts are reportedly on break due to COVID-19 pandemic. This was leaked to our lawyers a few minutes ago. They plan this time is to use the HQNigerianArmy for the sinister plot. The plan is to obtain a court order and then send soldiers to shoot up my residence in Abuja by claiming that I resisted arrest with armed colleagues, if I am arrested alive they would take me to an Army Barracks in Abuja to be tortured/infected with COVID-19. I am not raising the alarm to scare anyone, it is to inform our compatriots that we should brace #RevolutionNow

However, rest assured that we are in high spirits and are totally convinced that we may be turning a historic corner in the face of brutal repression. I am urging all to stand firm, unbowed and unbroken. – Omoyele Sowore Thank you.

Meanwhile here are the worst things Imam of Peace said to President Buhari;

Americans have all heard of that one “Nigerian Scammer” who is making Nigerians look bad. His name is Buhari and he thinks he’s a Nigerian Prince. #PresidentCovik

Nigerians should know that I’ve actually had contact with his office before, during civil conflicts (Shia-Sunni/army clashes). I was about to come to Nigeria for negotiations and help achieve peace between sects. But it looks like Buhari loves conflict so he can stay in power.
I’ll say it again: Whoever voted for Buhari, especially for the second time after seeing his failures to crack down on terrorists, is 100% stupid, foolish and irresponsible. Victims of terrorism due to Buhari’s incompetence don’t care about minority or majority votes. Wake up.
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