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If you dont have passion for Photography please dont start it – Nelson

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We have another spotlight with another photographer based in Port Harcourt too and his name is Nelson of Dream Image Works (Brand).

Nelson has been in the photography business for some time and to mark his new age he told us some interesting things about Photography and his journey as a Photographer. Read it all below;

I started cinematography 2008. As an apprentice and started my brand (dream image works) 2011.

I see my brand in the years to come as, not just a brand that have stood the test of time but. A brand that is known for turning beautiful moments into loving memories.

I am actually based in Port Harcourt and i see photography is fast growing in port harcourt but we really need to come out and stand as a body and not as individuals.

And as for Photography, if you don’t have passion for it, Don’t start it.

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