If the Church is not safe which place is safe and who killed Uwa?

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If the Church is not safe which place is safe and who killed Uwa?

This is a very painful and scary story, a student narrated how Miss Vera Uwaila, a 22year old student of the department of Microbiology was murdered after been abused by some men in a church.

From the narration, the Students Union Government, University of Benin on the 31st of march paid her family a visit. From the findings and interactions with family members, we discovered that miss vera was a hardworking lady, studious and determined. She has a habit of reading in a particular church, The redeemed Christian church of God Ikpoba Hill, Edo state. She has been reading there for over 5years now.

Long before she gained admission into the University of Benin. The key of the church was always with a woman whom she goes to, to collect and head to the church to read her books, we as individuals believe church is the safest place anyone can be.
On children’s day, that’s on the 27th of may, she told her mother, I will quote her words,  “Mummy if School starts, they will rush us and I don’t want to get carryover”.

On that fateful day, she went to collect the church key as usual and head to the church to read. From the pictures we gathered, the church windows were shattered, maybe they broke in through the window we can’t ascertain. These heartless beings broke into the church and raped her, when there was intolerable screaming from her, they covered her eyes and her mouth and raped her severally. They bashed her head with the fire extinguisher in the church and dragged her to one corner.

The security man asked the woman keeping the keys for the church keys but she said Uwa hasn’t returned it. He said he is on his wayy to the church, let him just go and meet her up at the church. On getting there he met her by the corner of the church in her pool of blood, she was putting on a white dress on this fateful day, her dress was soaked with blood. He raised an alarm, they noticed flicker movement from her and they rushed her to Enoma Hospital, Benin City.

Now we are wondering how can someone be so brave to go inside a church and rape innocent lady, HOW and WHY?

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