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I was scared for my health issues; Sydney Talker has been begging for his sins

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The moment Twitter NG sat on comedian Sydney Talker matter he kept apologizing 🙄 the comedian got everyone worried when  he complained of having symptoms of COVID19 and accused NCDC for ignoring him. After the drama he displayed online they came to his rescue and he tested negative. But Twitter NG came for him with hashtag #Sydneythefraud and other hashtags for him to speak out on why he joked with the whole issue.

Read his explanation;

Out of fear I may not have known a better way to process the experience I had during my health issues and I may have expressed them wrongly which led to several misinterpretations.

I made a live video earlier today apologising to my fans and the healthcare practitioners who felt offended by my initial video about the NCDC helpline challenges.

To all my fans I know most of you got scared and angry by my actions but I was genuinely scared for my life and I APOLOGISE for causing so much panic. This only goes to show how much you all are concerned about a fellow Nigerian. And I greatly appreciate this.

I was SCARED for my health issues because coincidentally when there was a directive from the government restricting movement, I was at show in Ibadan at same time and had lots of physical contact with my fans.

Upon my return to Lagos I started noticing some signs and symptoms like dry cough, sore throat and chest pains which got me WORRIED based on their similarities with a prospective COVID-19 patient.

Anyone in my shoes would have PANICKED and requested for a COVID-19 test to be carried out which I did via several failed phone calls (to the NCDC) before taking to my platform to call on Lagos state Government and the NCDC to come to my aid.

I am super grateful to the Lagos State Govt and my manager. He reached out through several channels within the Lagos State Government who responded through the Office of the Commissioner for Health.

They responded swiftly based on the urgency of my health and the result came via email on the 1st April 2020 as I couldn’t go and get it personally due to the current lockdown in Lagos.

My main issue with the NCDC was the way they handled the helpline because at the same time I was rushed to the hospital, a similar complaint was made by a lady about difficulties getting through to the helplines.

I really don’t know how the situation got twisted but I’m happy that due to these events the NCDC helplines have become a lot more responsive to complaints.

I’m a lot more confident about my health status now that I have been tested and from the bottom of my heart I sincerely want to APOLOGISE to my loyal fans and fellow influencers who got FLAK for standing by me during this period.

Please follow the guidelines laid out by our health agencies to stop the spread of the virus. Stay safe. God bless you all.

Did Sydney go too far and would you forgive Sydney 🙄😔

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