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I dont see Wizzy as Lil Bro to Akon; MI Abaga is seriously ranting 😩

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So here is how the MI/Lil Bro/Akon rant started…..

Akon wrote; Me and my lil bro @wizkidayo@wizkidayo at AFRONATION Ghana!

Rapper MI Abaga quoted; OG abeg chill with that lil bro yan

And then boom social media goes wild with different opinion, like should MI speak or talk down or Akon and bla bla….

MI continued ranting;

I have an opinion: few African artists in diaspora actually did anything to REALLY help the movement.. as a fan of Wizkid (which I am) I don’t see Wiz as lil bro to Akon.. he has overcome larger obstacles to accomplish way more (in my eyes).. In my opinion Wiz is lil bro to none.

I have shared my opinion.. you don’t agree. Cool!!! that caption should say ‘with my bro and icon’.. again my opinion..

Value what we are.. what we have.. what we have accomplished over everything else.. that is how Africa will rise..

Everyone will be alright…

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