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Hushpuppi Guilty! And facts that Nigerian Politicians do Yahoo; a story….

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Hushpuppi Guilty! And facts that Nigerian Politicians do Yahoo; a story….

Yes everybody has one thing to say about this Hushpuppi arrest 🙄 it’s normal but just like he and his accomplice are guilty 🙄 we are also GUILTY too…

An anonymous shared this story;

During my youth service days in western part of Nigeria, I had the opportunity to sit and drink with some politicians in the state because of where I was serving. I didn’t really like to hang out with them because they were married and also because they insisted for the hang out.

This hang out made me realise that the Nigerian politicians in this country are very dirty even the ones you admire, I can’t recall how many times I hanged out with them but I think It was twice. Sitting with these men was disgusting and I was like how can we call and see these people as great leaders.

Now let me tell you why the politicians do Yahoo, so it turns out that most of the Yahoo guys/fraudsters  work with these politicians. Mr A who wanted to have me for the night took me very noisy joint  wasn’t comfortable with, I was even shocked Mr A who is renowned Commissioner could go hang out in such place. When we got to this joint, Mr A was hailing this Yahoo boys, see I wish I could describe Mr A for you guys.  This is a man that the Governor of the state sends to represent him at functions and then when he speaks he gets the attention of the crowd and they give him an applause for his  great speech.

Don’t be deceived people, most of these fraudsters work with some government leaders, they steal and share with these boys. If they happen to be cut they bail them out. The reason why the likes of huspuppi and the rest of them feel proud is because they have immunity from these leaders. Sadly you can now see that it is foreign countries that is now handling the fraudulent cases because here in Nigeria they have a connect to protect them.

Let’s talk about you and I, we also celebrate and encourage these fraudsters because of the money they show off, some of them eat and party with the fraudsters. We don’t even care to know what their source of income is because the money has blinded our eyes.

Make sure before you condemn Hushpuppi that you are not as guilty as he is. Watch how Dubai police brought him down

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