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How to prevent some Harmattan related disease and stay healthy

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These past few day the Harmattan has shown no mercy at all especially with our body and skin.

Below are some Harmattan related disease with how to prevent them and stay health this period.

1.Common Cold.
3.Sickle Cell Crisis
4.Eye problems
8.Dry Skin
9. Tonsillitis
11. Burns
12.Road Traffic Accidents etc.

To prevent them and stay healthy you should do the following;

1. Wear thick clothes to make you warm.

2. Drink plenty water to prevent dehydration.

3. Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes, and wear protective spectacles.

4. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask.

5. Exercise regularly.

6. Use oily creams to keep our skin healthy.

7. Apply lip balms and oily cream to the soles of the feet. This will help to prevent crackings.

8. Reduce exposure to the dust.
If you are Asthmatic, reduce exposure to dirty and dusty atmosphere and always keep the inhaler handy.

10. Wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating.

11. Don’t drink soda, coke and other carbonated soft drinks. They may dehydrate your skin.
Drink hot tea, because it keeps you warm and free of flu.

12. Bath with warm water in the mornings and evenings because it will keep your body warm and free from cold and other flu symptoms.

13. Switch off all electrical appliances after use.

14. Quench naked fire after use.

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