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How the Task force in Rivers State is a serious problem

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The Task force in Rivers State is a serious problem as they have caused more damage than creating a positive impact in the state.

Their major work is to stop people from using certain areas on the road for business activities or parking at wrong places but sometimes they attack innocent citizens for the wrong thing.

Read this various reports about them;

When I said this Rivers State Task Force will soon kill somebody, his e-warriors attacked me.Today(which was yesterday), see what they did to a bus conductor and his bus at Agip flyover under the inspection of Nigerian Police. Today(which was yesterday), I gave up on Nigeria and those who are meant to protect us. I never know that these Task Force guys go about with weapons such as; machete, hammer, etc till today.

I gave up on this them when they actually chased a girl into her compound. This isn’t part of the job description, is it? It’s more like chaotic and fierce. Well… Let’s see how it pans out.

Taskforce has done more harm than good to the common man living in Rivers State.

This same task force stabbed a driver just before genesis fast food at choba some months back.

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