How the new COVID-19 case in Rivers state has put many in danger

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How the new COVID-19 case in Rivers state has put many in danger

Reports states that the new COVID-19 case in Rivers State case is a man (hotel manager) who looked after his sick Boss (Hotel Owner) in a room within the hotel after the Hotel owner’s return from Abuja.

The Boss later died (in the room) and his body was carried by this manager and 2 other Hotel Staff downstairs, and transported in a public transport cab to UPTH morgue

So it wasn’t confirmed the Boss had the virus until his wife from Abuja called to inform of the mysterious circumstances of her husband’s death and her suspicion

This Manager was then traced to his village where he had run to hide, after he fell ill with fever, Catarrh and dry Cough (similar to his Boss). After he knew this was similar to his boss’s symptoms, he now got afraid enough to cooperate with the team.

He was tested last Saturday and his results only came back yesterday positive. The team is now testing the Hotel Staff, mortician and morgue attendant as well as looking for the Cab-man.

The contacts of the Manager are so many that it’s scary.

We can be safe if we practice social distancincing and always wash our hands.

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