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How the Chibok girls were remembered and sad stories about their families

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The missing Chibok girls have been so depressing especially for their parents and family members.

Five years have gone and 112 girls are still missing, see their names below;

112 Chibok girls

Some of these girls have lost their family members due to pain and grief.

Likeย Monica Enoch and Sarah Enoch

Daughters of Pastor Enoch who has suffered a stroke from all the stress and pain of loosing 2 daughters to the Terrorists who are still in Captivity for 5 Years Today.

Dorcas Yakubu was the youngest amongst the #ChibokGirls. She was 15 and now 20.
Her Mother has been battling heart related problems since her abduction and had stroke a few weeks ago.

Mary Dama, Her mother died of stroke in 2015. The mother never had BP until after her daughter’s abduction. Her father & eldest brother were shot dead by Boko Haram in front of their house in 2017.

Missing Chibok girls

All the missing girls were represented using a classroom desk at Unity Fountain in Abuja and this is what President Muhammadu Buhari said about them;

Today marks five years since the abduction of our Chibok daughters. We have succeeded in bringing back 107 of them, but we will not rest until all the remaining girls are back and reunited with their families. I made this promise when I became President, and I will keep it.

We will never give up on our missing daughters, including Leah Sharibu; and all the other people held hostage by Boko Haram. In the last four years our security agencies have successfully rescued thousands of captives, and they will not relent until every captive is free.

It gladdens our hearts to see the progress being made by the young women rescued from Boko Haram. We celebrate their courage & determination to defy the evil ideology of the terrorists, by continuing to pursue their education. There is no doubt that the world is inspired by them.

I extend our best wishes to all the Chibok girls in various schools in Nigeria and around the world. Special congratulations to Kauna Yaga Bitrus, who has excelled in her college in Maine, USA, and will very soon be receiving an ‘Against All Odds Award’ from her school.

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