How Religion and others is affecting the Nigerian economy -2Baba

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How Religion and others is affecting the Nigerian economy -2Baba

Religion in Nigeria has always been a topic of debate because how people in the society appreciate it, the religious leaders have made so much emphasis on it that is made most people to live by it despite some of the ugly stories that are been said about the religious leaders.

Nigerian singer 2baba this morning is ranting about all the problems in Africa especially Nigeria, he stated;

We “AFRICA” Need 2 change our EDUCTION system. That includes religion and tribal nonsense. QUESTION? Since every other race is racist 2 AFRICANS.why don’t they just let us be in Africa and be primitive and live our life according 2 them. Or better still, why don’t Africans just work together and say ” since we are like that then just live us to live by ourselves “.?

No ojoro.
Use ya brain.
ONE LOVE is the ONLY solution.
There’s enough for everybody.
Greed is the major problem


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