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How Peruzzi, Zlatan, Slimcase, Dandizzy thrilled guest at GreenLight Festival and some mistakes

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So we were supposed to talk about the events her have been attending for the weekend but couldn’t 🙄 let’s start with GreenLight Festival which was held a week ago 😁.

You must have seen photos or video, we also have it all but let’s give you the gist. Someone said there is no event that doesn’t face challenge and if it doesn’t it’s not a 100% event.

The GreenLight Festival was one of the most anticipated event which took place in Port Harcourt at the popular Aztech event center. It was a club setting were we had the regular standing with a table were drinks would be served and a Vip set up which has good designer cushions with a few personalities sitted. Performance came through from Port Harcourt artist and the Lagos Art, it was hosted by comedian Romeo without Juliet, hypeman Barango and others.

Below are the Performance with some little mistakes we observed and also excerpts of Interview from Peruzzi and Slimcase;


So the first question kept asking was if the turnout was much with the publicity, they might tell you it’s was much because people were standing that is the regular. But there was no difference between the regular and VIP when Peruzzi, Slimcase and Zlatan came on stage…

The gist continues please keep refreshing….

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