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Here is what Naomi Campbell thinks of fashion and fabric in Africa

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Naomi Campbell said some interesting things about Africa at Forbes Woman Africa Leading Women Summit in South Africa. Speaking on fashion Naomi Campbell advised that Africa should guard its fashion and fabrics jealously to stop the western world coming in and making a fortune from them.

Naomi Campbell said;

“Africa needs to keep its fabrics to itself,”

“My passion and drive is to see this continent of Africa be as great as it should be,”

“We should have more than just one international women’s day, because we do so much,”

Campbell is known as one of the longest working supermodels in the world and she hopes the continent can make more out of her fashion world. She believes that African prints and designs can be but exported profitably. Campbell was the epitome of fashion on stage and appeared to practice what she was preaching.

See photo below;

Forbes woman

Naomi Campbell has spent over a decade working on charitable causes with organisations such as UNAIDS and says that other than empowering women’s health, making sure young girls are educated and self-reliance is very important to her.


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