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Here is Ibinabo Fibresima idea on Skills Acquisition…

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Actress Ibinabo Fibresima shared some ideas concerning skills acquisition  in Nigeria. Read below;

I move further to advocate for another form of human development with specific regard to skills acquisition. Though I stand staunchly for a basic formal education, the truth is not everyone can be given to a complete formal education within the four walls of an educational institution. So, there should be an avenue for those that are prone to skill acquisition, even the university graduates especially considering the extant employment challenges, to learn same and contribute their quota to the advancement of the Niger-Delta by ‘enhancing personal livelihood and promoting economic development and growth’. Methinks a lot of focus should be given to the institution and administration of Specialised Skill Acquisition Centres per local governments in the region and then taking it a step further to empower the graduates by setting up special micro finance institutions that will fund, monitor and properly guide a new breed of entrepreneurial skill providers. The real sector is the underbelly of any nation that hopes to thrive in this century, and as I always sign out, I don’t believe the Niger-Delta should aspire differently. God bless us all.

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