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Henry Odumu explains how he rode to Ghana within 7 days

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Nigerian cyclist Henry Odumu who is based in Port Harcourt explained how he took a challenge to ride to Ghana from Lagos, Nigeria and arrived the country despite almost quitting.

Henry Odumu said, “A Trip From Lagos To Ghana #Day3 Am just entering Ghana, Wow mehn I nearly quit, Time zone Don change… On my Way to Accra now. I no understand Ghana cedis oh.”

On reaching Accra he wrote;

A Trip From Port Harcourt To Lagos And Lagos To Ghana #7days Completed… Now in Accra, Ghana….I Celebrate @Accra Mall, catch me up if you can…..(which is today)

He is actually known for taking different challenge began his journey from Port Harcourt on November 24th after announcing that he is embarking On A Trip From Port Harcourt To Lagos and to Ghana.

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