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He who buys fake buys twice; Read the interesting things about Expert paints

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Expert paints company is on a mission to get one million customers and make a difference in the country, we have seen their great work one which called our attention was the painting at civic center Port Harcourt.

The CEO of Expert paints, Mr Olalede from Ogun state a graduate of chemistry from Federal university of Agriculture Abeokwuta said he came to port harcourt some years ago after working with some companies and saw the need to be on his own

He told us a lot about Expert paints and we decided to share a few things;

We started the journey since 2012, between that time there have been success stories and challenges which boils down to finance.

One thing is for you to know what your doing or what you want to do and one thing is for you to have the money to execute the project that you have in mind but by the grace of God we were able to put high our product

The product has been speaking for us, we are enjoying what we call the reverse customers. Right now when a customer buys he tells the other the other people would come, we keep on having repeat customers and presently we started with less than 10 customers by that 2012 but now in our database we have up to 1000 customers and among that we have repeat purchase not less than 400 that buy repeatedly so thats the basis of our survival in business which is all what the business needs.

We are looking at the country Nigeria which is populous with almost 20 million people so we are targeting 1 million customers, until we get there we are not going to relax. we have a lot of product lines we started with less than 5 but now we have about up to 30 different product line so thats has been another of our survival mechanism roll out product we build products based on what customers want and do what we call digital paintings.

We travel abroad we seek concept of painting then we put it, there are so many paints that when you look at it you would be wondering whether it is world paper or something else but we have paint that is like stucco, its like a marble paint you would see tiles you would see marble you would see stucco so when you look at the stucco u look at it maybe wondering what it is.

The most interesting part of our paint it makes the house very cool doesnt peel, doesnt fade, doesnt flake what you just need its just to use your normal handkerchief to rub the surface and give your work 10 years protection.

We amuse our customers, our customers become our friend they become our family member. Expert family is growing, one other thing is we seek help too there is no way as far as production is concern we can have some production challenges on like my former companies when we have a product recall that is when we have product challenges we tend to switch to action to take care of customers need. They would be talking stories here and there at the end of the day the customers would go in anger and they would go and tell others that dont go that company so we try to work on such things, so that none of our customers would go in anger. Make sure we take care of their problem and when we have any challenges with our products we responsible for it.

So far we know that paint company they are liable cause at times when we paint we can get a project, one is one that is one of our slogan our slogan is one is one we always advise customers is not all about the price, quality things are not cheap and cheap things are not quality when you marry the two you dont need to buy paint and tear your pocket we marry the concept of quality with affordable prices. Thats why we say he who buys fake buys twice so the price shouldnt scare you, always insist on quality.
For our project; i think the first 6 months of our starting we painted a hotel in owerri beside government house and since 2012 they have not repainted it we painted so many houses in port harcourt but the notable one is the civic centre directed from the state government.

As for our products we make them here but its not easy cause not all tools are available, sometimes its been made outside the country and we also train our staffs too we have a lot of them on ground. The company’s aim is to be among the leading paint company in Nigeria and Africa….

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