#HappyNewMonth: Dear June! This is our Letter to you….

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#HappyNewMonth: Dear June! This is our Letter to you….

It feels great to step into another new month and it’s something we all have to be grateful for especially this period. We want June to be great so we wrote this letter.

Dear June,

We are happy that you are here and hoping for the best, I am sure you heard how other months treated us and yet we survived, we are not complaining but we believe and we are so sure you would treat nicely.

We gathered some messages from people and how they want to be treated;

Please Bless us with happiness and peace.

Please be nice we are tired already

Welcome! Today is another opportunity to right yesterday’s wrong. Today is another chance to start afresh and Today is another avenue to be better than yesterday. May God give us Long Life.

June… come in , sit down and DON’T TOUCH SHIT

I write on behalf of humanity. 2020 started with a world war until it turned out it wasn’t. But then, planes got shot down, missiles got sent & fire burnt territories. COVID19 gripped us all, then racism took its shine.
Please, June, be kind. Be great.

Please shame January to May and come through with better occurrences and good tidings for the world.

We’ve seen enough, we’ve had enough. Be the month that brings solutions, love and progress into our lives. Happy New Month….

Sincerely we hope for the best 🙏 Happy New Month fam…

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