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Ghana Beat Nigeria In Jollof Rice Competition

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24-year-old Ghanaian chef Sika Mortoo beat her Nigerian counterpart to emerge winner of a jollof cooking competition.

The Onga Jollof Battle happened last weekend in Accra as two chefs from Ghana and Nigeria entered a battle to find out which country prepared the best jollof.

Jollof is a popular West African meal which is prepared with rice, tomato sauce and other spicy ingredients.

The meal is popular among countries like Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cameroon.

But for years now, Ghana and Nigeria have been fighting over who makes the best jollof.

After the judges tasted both plates of jollof, all three judges voted in favour of Ghana jollof.

The final results showed Ghana jollof scored 95% and Nigeria jollof which chef Turay prepared, scored 75%.

The three judges from Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa all voted in favour of Ghana jollof.

Winner of the jollof competition, Sika Mortoo, walked away with a cash prize of $2000 home. Her Nigeria counterpart, Chef Turay, took home $1000.

See photos below:

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