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Get ready for Moment with the Mouthophonist and dont miss out

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It’s moment with the mouthophonist and am not sure you want to miss this one, in the month of April come and experience greatness in God’s presence as the mouthophonists telephone God with their gifts, talent and skills…

Like every other concert, moment with the mouthophonist (MWTM) is a gospel concert aimed at utilising God given talent into proper usage in praising God not for self appraisal… One of such talent is the natural mouth instrument i call THE MOUTHOPHONE


Its going to be 100% Worship, 100% Praise, 100% Motivational and 100% Entertainment. Come April 28th 2019 and plan to attend #MWTM to experience for yourself the wonderful wonder of God from his creation THE MOUTHOPHONIST…

Once again Dont Miss…..


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