Get internship and when your leg is strong, choose! -Enoh

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Media Personality Enoh Ogbevire has called out Job seekers to work on their experience.

Enoh in a post advised on getting and internship to build yourself.

She wrote;

“I have met and read from many people complaining about how employers keep asking for 3-5 years experience.
If there is no work experience, how do I get a Job?

I will share a short story with you. About my first radio Job. I had graduated from the university, had trained for Basic Presentation,but had never worked on Radio in any capacity.

Did I have the skills? Had I been tested? Did I have any bargaining power?
I took the Job for 25,000 not because I did not need money to pay my bills,but because I had to LEARN how to be a Radio Presenter.

There’s book knowledge, then there’s the real deal.
I recall the gatemen saying ‘You come early but leave late’. It wasn’t because my house was uncomfortable. It was because I was ‘interning’ in my mind. I was learning. I was honing my skills. I was learning about relating with others in the workplace. Learning about discipline and obeying orders in the workplace. Learning about being a subordinate. Etc.

I hope those who want to work can learn that it can’t be about money, when you have no bargaining power. Can you do it? Have you done it before? Where your reference? Can we trust you to run solo on this?
I worked for 6 months and on the 7th month, I was poached and my salary went up to something over 40,000 naira with more training and subsided accommodation.

Now,go get internship and when your leg is strong, choose!
‘Choice is the only tool we have that enables us to go from who we are today to who we want to be tomorrow. — SHEENA IYENGA.”


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