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GA Exclusive; Stardom Winner Tchella shares some little secret

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So we had a chat with one of the Stardom Winner Tchella and he told us a lot 😅Before we share Tchella’s gist lets throw more light about Stardom Nigeria for those that dont know, Stardom Nigeria was designed to showcase the musicianship that goes into the crafting of a melodic masterpiece from start to finish.

The show brought together lovers of music, from Pop to Jazz, Fuji, reggae, RnB, Afrobeat and many more on a delightful musical journey of more than one sound. Their major search was for a trio of songwriter, music producer and vocalist who can make melodic magic together without losing their individuality.

Stardom Nigeria

So talking with Tchella who was a song writer in the show and also one of the winners he shared this with us;

Introduction; Hi, I’m Ordor Michael Onyinyech… Stage name Tchella.. Port Harcourt based singer song writer and producer… On stardom as a song writer.

How he knew of Stardom; A friend tagged me on the post on Instagram.

What made him go for it; Honestly… Seeing Cobhams as a judge, I’ve always wanted to meet and work with him so yhhh

Stardom Nigeria

The experience in the competition;  It was hectic yo, like immediately after performing one song, you’re creating the next… There was literally no personal time.

What he learnt and next plan; To keep going under pressure… I had to make music in genres I never thought I would have so it really opened my mind to a lot of things.
Winning is amazing… Like it would’ve hurt not to win… I’m grateful to everyone that voted.

The next plan is to keep networking and meet more people in the industry and complete more music projects

Watch performance from Grand finale

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