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G.A Exclusive: Always go for opportunities -Queen Tari Amakiri

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Queen Tari Amakiri was a guest on G.A Exclusive, two things you would love about her is her innocence and true beauty….lol

Queen Tari Amakiri is the first runner up for Paragon Queen Nigeria beauty pageant 2018 which was held in Port Harcourt city. The lovely Queen told us about her journey on being the 1st runner up of Paragon Queen Nigeria and also some little advice to inspire young ladies….

Read it all…..

Participating in the pageant

Actually there was no specific reason, at first someone told me about it and they were pushing me to go for it. I have always being this kind of person that love to be in control of things so I just wanted to prove to myself that I could actually do anything I could and actually go for a pageant and win too.

Camping experience and the people

It was stressful but fun I enjoyed the whole rehearsals before now I never knew how to catwalk so I learnt how to catwalk at the camp so we had all night rehearsals most times it was fun especially the day of the swimsuit competition. I met new people, made new friends and enjoyed everything. I also learnt a lot from them, got to know people and got to be open to new faces.

Project preparation

We are still trying to make plans towards it because its going to be a huge one so we need to sit down and get out the paper works correctly, budgeting and everything. Its not something to rush in its going to start kicking off lets say from like March/April because my project its a huge project

Paragon Queen Paragon Queen Nigeria Pageant

Inspiring young girls;

I intend to use this opportunity to reach out to as many girls out there that are still in the place of not believing in themselves you know this self esteem thing we are talking about people really underrate it cause it could go a long way to damaging self image so I wish I could just use this opportunity to like reach out to girls like me and let them know its not a big deal coming out of your hidden shell its worth it and its something when you do it you would be proud of yourself

Special advice

One advice I would like to give out there is always go for opportunities, to me when I see an opportunity I always go for it because I see it like maybe its God sent even though you don’t get money from it just take it because you don’t know where that thing is going to head you too

Bigger plans

I wont be going back for paragon queen if at all I should be going for any pageant I should be going for something bigger and am not sure if I would be doing pageantry…

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