Founder Groth Innovation Centre, Owen Shedrack nominated for 2020 Nigeria’s 25Under25 Awards by SME100 Africa; Find out more..

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Founder Groth Innovation Centre, Owen Shedrack nominated for 2020 Nigeria’s 25Under25 Awards by SME100 Africa; Find out more.. 

The annual 25Under25 Entrepreneurs Awards recognition program by SME100 Africa is aimed at telling the stories of young entrepreneurs under the age of 25 who are doing phenomenal things and developing their communities. These are innovators, influencers, trendsetters, inventors, entrepreneurs, etc who are contributing to social-economic development in Nigeria.

The award program recognizes young entrepreneurs across a range of categories notably; e-Commerce, Agriculture, Fashion, Performing Arts, Photography, Software and Design, Beauty & Makeup, Food & Drinks, Professional Services, Health & Skin Care, Media & Communications, Arts & Culture, Events Planning, Finance & Fintech, Technology, Education, Sports, Energy & Sustainability, Music, Hospitality & Tourism, Manufacturing & Logistics, Environmental & Interior Decor, Creative Writing & Content Creation, Active Citizenship & Government Engagement, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Owen Shedrack was nominated in the Social Entrepreneurship category for his work with startups and entrepreneurs at ‘The Groth Innovation Centre’ – a business incubator, enterprise resource and support center, and an innovation hub providing a range of business support services and programs for startups with a focus on the Niger Delta region.

This edition of the Nigeria 25Under25 Awards by SME100 Africa sees emerging stars, talents, entrepreneurs, and civil society leaders including young professionals contending for the prestigious prize across their respective categories. Some of these include the new music sensation Omah Lay; young leading comic creator Taomama; Sidney Talker, and a range of others.

Owen was nominated for an outstanding year at ‘The Groth Innovation Centre’ especially for co-founding Teeketbird – a ticket, lifestyle, and event marketing startup in Port Harcourt, co-founding the Jersey Fiesta Nigeria – an annual city tour event and leading entrepreneurship development programs to support entrepreneurs and connect skilled talents to startups like the GrothHQ Internship, GrothStart Accelerator, and leading programs for ‘The Grind TV Series – an entrepreneurial reality TV show for Niger Delta entrepreneurs.’

He is part of the 2020 Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Centre (RLC) – West Africa Cohort 14, a 2020 World Literacy Foundation Ambassador and 2020 IGNITE Innovation Lab Digital Transformation fellow by Inspire Africa for Global Impacts Initiative.

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