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Few tips regarding social media security by Bloggers Meet Ng

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On Bloggers Meet Ng ‘security in social media’ was the topic discussed with Karenayou and New media guest Eteimorde…

Social media are kind of your identity in society these days, so if your identity gets hacked it’s a very big issue and right here in Nigeria its not a major concern.

Some awareness on social media security and few tips were shared;

The measures to take to avoid loosing your account;

The best thing you should do is to look at your vicinity like what are the threats in my immediate vicinity, what most people don’t really realise is the fact that hacking is not really as complex as they make it look in movies like you can be hacked by your sibling you can be hacked by your neighbours you can just leave your phone and maybe you can pick up somebody’s phone and log into your account from that persons phone and you forget and one day the person would just pick up his phone and say oh my God her facebook is here his facebook is here and he has access to you. So look at your vicinity and try to take precaution like always log out, use safe passwords and also always look at your vicinity before you start looking at external threats.

How hacking in Nigeria should be put to an end

Nigeria should get a cyber security firm and maybe there is but we should get a firm that can handle such attacks like in advanced countries like America they have people that handle this kind of things like the FBI and the rest of them we need to get things like that to help us because must people believe that the next war coming wont be a world war 1 or 3 or the other it would be a cyber war..

The social media security tips and best practices;

Create a social media policy; train your staff on social media security best practices, limit social media access, set up a system of approval for social post, put someone incharge that is someone you can trust, monitor your account and engage in social listening, invest in security technology, perform a regular audit and one more thing do not trust anybody.

Other special tips;

Try to avoid words that are found in dictionary because they are attacks which is called dictionary attacks a hacker would try all possible words in the dictionary to see whether it matches to your password once it matches they have succeeded like if your password is something like alphabet just from A alone the hacker has gotten your password so it is advisable to use alpha-numeric that is use alphabets and also numbers, in Nigeria you can use traditional names because you cant find traditional names in the database so we are lucky but just keep it alphanumeric cause that’s a lot more better.

Free WIFI could be dangerous; people love free wifi whenever you connect into a wifi network your actually opening yourself up to the network that means other people in the network can actually see what your doing especially persons that have technical knowledge who can be able to grab, they call it packets of your data that is coming in and out because when your in a wifi network, you send your data out and your waiting for the wifi network to send it to the internet. So an attacker that’s also in the same network like you can read that attack before it gets to its destination, it is therefore advisable to avoid free wifi and sadly this is something most of us are not really yet inclined here in Nigeria but if someone gets access to your wifi its bad and they call it the man in the middle attack.

There are also fishing attacks that’s means when a hacker close a website page and just sends you a link and when you see the link its exactly facebook but the only difference with this it’s the link the link wont not be facebook.com, sometimes some hackers are really smart what they do is they would make it to be something like faceb00k you would see it and be like oh my God facebook.com you would login and when you login it would just like repeat, what you would see its facebook again you would login again so you don’t really know that somebody already have your password and most people are always like oh even though they have my facebook password whats the big deal there but what if your parents or someone close use your facebook account and be like mummy please can you send me this money to this account or do any other dangerous act… you don’t know most people always feel there is nothing in my account but trust me once an attacker has one he has all anybody related to you is falling prey to him or her…

The advice is stay safe….

Eteimorde would share more tips on social media security and more… to be part of this follow us on our twitter page @bloggersmng to be get involved in the conversation which is from 9pm to 10pm on 23rd January 2019…..If you have questions you can also ask too….DONT MISS THIS!!!

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