Everything good is happening to Simi right now 😁Find out

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Yesoooo Everything good is happening to Simi and honestly we are loving it 😍

Today is Simi’s birthday and she also released a new album #OmoCharlieChampagne which some of us can’t pick a favourite cause all the tracks are good 😣 even Simi herself doesn’t have a favourite for the album

Check out her boo boo aka husband message to her;

First Birthday as Mrs Kosoko 😉. Older by a year today, but you are sexier than ever. Happy Birthday Omo Charlie Champagne. Love you forever ❤️

Speaking about their marriage they have kept it as private as possible even if the fans keep getting involved. Few days back in an interview Simi was asked about her marriage to Adekunle God this is what she said;

Please don’t let us talk about that. I won’t talk about that matter. So just drop the question..

I am definitely not going to talk about family with the media. You won’t hear that from me.
If there are other questions, I will love to speak about them but not about family or marriage. It’s a no!

Well……….Happy Birthday Simi

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