Everything about the Black hole and Albert Einstein predictions

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Firstly Albert Einstein predictions on the black hole was right….A black hole is a region in space with immerse gravity that means, it sucks every thing around it including light. Up until now, no one had ever seen a black hole.

You have probably heard Albert Einstein name or seen his picture, Albert Einstein, a name synonymous with genius but the real question is what did he really do. About a 100 years ago Einstein made the theory of black hole and as of 10th March 2019 is was observed. This proves Einstein was right.

Black hole predictions by Albert The black hole discovered is located in the m87 galaxy. A galaxy is a collection of stars and at the center of every galaxy there is a black hole.

Black hole found

You are probably wondering how this is your concern, well the sun is part of the milky way Galaxy and at the center there is black hole. Understanding black holes can make us understand our own existence.

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