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Emmanuel Eke: My Journey of Self-discovery

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The interesting story of Emmanuel Eke; I began my MSC at RGU in the early part of last year. On arrival, I had a lot of fears and concerns. Firstly, I saw the God-given opportunity to study in the UK as a springboard into my career dreams which had to be utilised effectively. But though I had good grades from my Undergraduate program in a Nigerian university, this was my first time of studying outside my country and I did not know what to expect from this “new system”. Furthermore, there were high hopes from my folks at home who seemed convinced that I would succeed here too. The situation was not made any less complex by the fact that I had chosen to do the Masters in IT for The Oil and Gas Industry, which was different from my Petroleum Engineering background.

However, under the committed guidance of my tutors and the warmth of the University’s student life, I thrived. The lecturers were always accessible and provided personalised academic support to help my academic pursuits. I also found numerous opportunities to volunteer with the university and contribute to the students learning experience. Thus, in less than four months, I became fully integrated with the school and life in Aberdeen.

Looking back now, I see that this MSC has been a journey of self-discovery. The knowledge gained from the modules, confidence developed by exceling in assessments, and resilience built through the meeting submission deadlines have greatly improved my technical capabilities.

Even more fulfilling is the fact that my social aspect has not been left out, thanks to the diverse extracurricular activities I was part of. Whether attending a festival in Edinburgh as a student buddy, or giving a tour to visitors on open days as a student ambassador, or even coordinating a meeting as a class representative, there was always so much to enjoy.

The academic and social awards I have gotten from the university are very dear to my heart as they will always be a constant reminder that RGU was the place where God gave me the wings and winds to soar higher than ever before.
I took up several student roles including;

1. Class Representative
2. Student Ambassador
3. Student Buddy
4. Nigerian Community Students Organisation (General Secretary)
5. Part of welcome team for new students

These awards are
1. STUDENT ENGAGEMENT AWARD (in recognition of positive contributions to the enhancement of the students learning experience within the university)
2. CLASS PRICE FOR MSC IT FOR THE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY (this goes to the best graduating student of the course).

In summary, he went to community Primary School, Olanada PH, Army Day Secondary School Bori Camp, studied Petroleum Engineering in University of Port Harcourt and studied IT for the Oil And Gas Industry in Robert Gordon University.


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