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Do you think Royalties should be on Social Media; Tayo Faniran speaks

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Do you think Royalties should be on Social Media; Tayo Faniran speaks

Ex-Big Brother Africa star and entertainer Tayo Faniran is of the opinion that Royalties shouldn’t be on social media and he made this point after the Ooni’ Queen made a post about the rumour of her divorce.

Tayo Faniran said;

I personally feel Royalties (Kings and Queens) Kings and Queens should stay off social media, its weakening the respect for the crowns of our lands, since when is it normal for a King or Queen to be explaining him/herself to commoners, social media presence is good for all of us these days but Royalties can have people do it for them, social media is the rain  that fell and packed the duck and fowls in the same space, very soon our Kings will start dancing on Tiktok, oh come on this isn’t how the stories were told.

Below is the Queen post that led to Tayo’s opinion;

There have been strange rumours and unfounded news making rounds on social media in recent times.I want all believers of good news to know that, it is all lies and a picture of how the peddlers of the evil news would have loved our love story to turn out. I would have loved to maintain silence, however, due to concerns being expressed by well meaning people something has to be said. Now, the gospel truth is that I have been busy with ministry off the social media space and you’d all agree with me that with the ongoing pandemic which suddenly sprung up on all of us, only means more work needs to be done. I can’t sit still (as nobody privileged enough should) and this isn’t a time for social media presence but a time that calls for solemnity. Hence my break from what people now call normal. Finally, as duty will have me do, I have been in and out of the palace doing Gods bidding.With all being said, I am compelled to ask the following questions :
Why can’t people verify that which is the truth ?
Why do people believe more in falsehood and negativity?
Well, the bible has something to say about them in Psalm 2:1-12. Now i say to you all, please disregard and jettison every fake and malicious news about me and my husband (Ooni Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi) for ours is a love no earthly force is strong enough to break,we are very fine and healthy

I will leave you with this “please be comforted and know that boredom is a killer and people do unimaginable things when they are” Peace and love always.

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