Did we forget the Orphanage homes? Queen Israel shows support…

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Did we forget the Orphanage homes? Queen Israel shows support…

In this period of COVID-19 the Orphanage homes came to our mind, we were just wondering how have they been surviving? Do people still visit them especially when some of us are struggling to feed or have lost source of income due to the pandemic.

But it might not be the case for some homes as they still struggle to survive one way or the other, well it was interesting to know that Beauty Queen Isreal Grace extended her Support to the Orphanage.

Isreal Grace is the 2020 winner of the SuperQueen Nigeria Pageantry started her PET Project which is tagged, ‘Isreal Grace Care Project’ intended to reach out to underprivileged children and offer support, gift items and relief materials.

On July 18th, 2020, Queen Isreal Grace took her project to the Priesthood Orphanage in Port Harcourt where she gave food items, and notebooks to the children. In her words: ‘I believe that these children deserve more, and at a time like this, even the little matters, that is why I’m sharing what I have and giving them a bit of my hopes too.’

Isreal Grace, 2020 winner of the SuperQueen Nigeria organised by the Western Empire Entertainment Services recently shared that she will begin her charity projects and one of those was this visitation amongst others to come.

The Management thanked her and the SuperQueen Nigeria team for the gesture as they were received by Miracle Tambari. They expressed their gratitude for the items and books, emphasising how it’ll subsidise their education and how much an investment in the education of the children can transform their lives.

Among members of the visiting team is Promise Ezekiel, founder and CEO of Western Empire Entertainment Services (WEES); Charity Isaac; Isaac Godwin, founder and CEO of 818TV and Victor.

This project is proudly supported by Zhalima Grazioni, 818TV, Mr Ifeanyi Media, Petrez Guardz, Chari’s places and The Groth Innovation Centre.

Orphanage homes

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