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Details on alleged demolition of Mosque at Trans-Amadi in Rivers State by Governor Wike

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Earlier today there was a report going round claiming that Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike demolished a mosque in Trans-Amadi, Port Harcourt. According to reports angry worshipers stated that the officials of the Rivers State Ministry of Urban Development and Physical Planning who came along with armed mobile policemen, citing non-compliance despite the existence of Rivers State approved building plan.

Other reports stated that no mosque was built at all in Trans-Amadi but it was fake news, to cut the long story short Governor Wike visited the site and told Journalist that the news going round is fake information.

He said;

“I received calls from several prominent Nigerians 8on the fake news being circulated online. I have come here with Reporters and you can see there was no Mosque here.

“It is most unfortunate that fickle minded persons will claim that a Mosque was demolished at this place, when no Mosque existed here. The story was concocted by mischief makers to score cheap points”.

Governor Wike explained that some persons started erecting illegal foundation at the disputed land, even though they had no approval to embark on any construction work.

“They came here to erect illegal structure. There was no approval from the State Government for any structure to be erected here. “The persons who started the foundation had already dragged the State Government to court on the disputed land. The Rivers State Government won the case. What they attempted to do was to start the illegal construction to tie the hands of the State Government “.

Governor Wike said that the State Government operates within the rule of law. He said that the State Government will not be distracted by the illegal circulation of fake reports.

He stated that several Mosques constructed on the approval of the State Government exist across Port Harcourt and other major towns of Rivers State, without the State Government demolishing them.

“The government gave them notice not to do anything on the land. But they went ahead with the illegal foundation and the relevant agency stopped them.

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