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Details of the University of Transportation in Daura

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The commencement of construction of the University of Transportation in Daura, an investment by China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCECC), and the first of its kind in Africa has kicked off.

The Federal Government will fully support this project to completion. According to President Buhari, the University of Transportation in Daur will among other things pave way for the domestication of railway engineering and general transportation sciences in Nigeria, thereby bridging the technology and skill gap in the railway sector and the transportation industry at large.

President Buhari expressed gratitude to the investors, CCECC; the Katsina State Government for speedily providing land for the university; and the Ministry of Transportation for championing the initiative. We will continue to pursue partnerships of this nature to bring development to Nigeria.

Meanwhile Transportation minister Rotimi Amaechi said he does not have any issues situating the Transportation University in Daura. He said Daura was the best location he could find in Nigeria.

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