Details of the Explosion in Akure and food distribution in Lagos

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Late Night people were complaining of hearing a loud noise in Akure, it turns out it was an explosion thatdestroyed houses including Church building, Ogbese, filling station and divided the road leading to Owo into 2 along the church axis.

Vanguard News reported that the Akure Ondo state police command stated that the explosion was caused when a truck conveying explosives to a quarry company in Edo state exploded at the airport junction area.

He said; ” The truck was flagged down by policemen at a checkpoint. They notified the truck driver of a flame of fire under the truck, it reportedly exploded when they came down to ascertain the cause of the fire.

Meanwhile, findings showed that over 70 houses were damaged by the explosion. No fewer than 13 worshippers inside Possibility Prayer Mountain for All Nation Church were injured and rushed to the hospital.

The highway had been cut off thereby preventing motorists from traveling to the Northern part of the country from gaining access. About seven structures in a school opposite the church were equally destroyed.

Three security guards in the school were injured and rushed to the Hospital.

Meanwhile, in Lagos the government has made available emergency food response, Governor Jide Sanwo-Olu said;

I am happy to announce an economic stimulus package to help our residents cushion the effects of our #StayAtHome directive to stop the spread of #COVID19. This first stage is targeting 200,000 households at an estimation of 6 people per household. We hope to ramp it up quickly.

The stimulus package will contain bags of rice, beans, garlic, bread, dry pepper, drinking water, and vitamins. We want each ration to last for 14 days as we continue to evaluate the impact of #COVID19. Please stay home with your loved ones. We want the best for you.

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