CyberCrime issues; A sad tale of a hustling Nigerian vs YahooYahoo boy

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CyberCrime issues; A sad tale of a hustling Nigerian vs YahooYahoo boy

The Hushpupi arrest has made a lot of us to look deep an analyse the issue of CyberCrime in Nigeria.  He was accused of stealing a huge amount money alongside others, the information was shared by a friend who stated that Interpol(Police)  Dubai came and arrested them.

So here is an interesting and sad tale of a Yahoo boy vs a hustling Nigerian;

Nigerian culture glorifies and enables fraud. It is everywhere. We criminalize poverty. I will never forget Nigeria in 2015. Here on Twitter people were laughing when my book first came out. If he is so smart why is he trekking upandan in Abuja. They mocked me for walking.

If I show up in Nigeria with 20 million dollars no one will ask me where I got it from. Churches will pray for me. Friends will celebrate me. Blogs will drool over me. They will call me self made. And people will attack anyone who questions me. Because who god have bless…

We glorify fraud and thievery at home. We celebrate crime. Our poor people and our professionals. Our writers and our lawyers. All. And then when Nigeriana get profiled abroad we complain about discrimination. When in fact we carefully sowed what we are reaping.

The first time someone attempted to scam me in Germany online I was not shocked it was someone using a Western Union account out of Ibadan Nigeria. I felt shame. But not shock. The guy was posing as a German trying to buy something on eBay. How do you say not all Nigerians?

No it is not a few bad apples. It is in Nigerian culture. It is in how we have come to engage with society, with each other and with others. It is in our public values. It is in our practice of religion. It is in the things we hold dear as a people.
Na who dem catch be tiff.

The End

By Nathan John

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